kimason hardware company

About our company

Incorporated in 1993, Kimason Hardware Industries Sdn Bhd started as manufacturing pipe supplying to Singapore Market. Over the years, Kimason Hardware has forged a reputation built on its hallmark traits of providing Thermoplastic Pipes & Fittings.

Today, Kimason Hardware Industries is one of the leading Thermoplastic Suppliers in Malaysia market, with offering products ranging from UPVC, PP, CPVC, HDPE, PVDF, ABS (A Complete Thermoplastic Piping supplies) to a wide range of customers in various fields such as infrastructure, construction, oil & gas, marine, petrochemical, civil engineering, water & environmental, telecommunication, refrigeration, water treatment, hardware, precision engineering, pharmaceutical etc industries. Headquartered in Malaysia,

Kimason has ventured into the business of manufacturing & established a production line in Malaysia Johor Bahru, to facilitate the immediate demand of our customers. Malaysia remains a focus market for Kimason, while it actively seeks business opportunities in Singapore.